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Hi ,

Our annual Rendezvous is just a short 3-1/2 months away! Not sure about you, but I know we are excited!! We received a total of 42 responses to the survey we submitted in last month’s newsletter. Thank you all for taking the time to submit it. If you did not get a chance to respond to it, it will remain open. To get to our survey, just click HERE.

There were a number of great comments from people. We will discuss a few of them with hopes it may trigger some additional comments from those who have not completed the survey.

The shower was quite popular last year. Unfortunately we are unable to build any more before the next Rendezvous. We barely made enough donations to fund the one we have. In the future we do hope to add additional showers on the property when funds allow.

We also had some interest in having an extra public day during the week. While the vendors may enjoy it, many campers feel the three we have are plenty. Currently we host school field trips on Thursday and the regular public on Friday and Saturday of the last weekend. Unfortunately we have some flatlanders that like to stay past the 4:00 PM closing time. It is hard to make sure everyone leaves that is supposed to when campers let their friends and family wear their primitive clothing to blend in to enjoy the nightlife with those of us that actually paid to be campers. Opening up another public day would just add to the problem.

On a good note, someone actually stated that their favorite thing to do was WORK!!! While we have plenty of members that work non-stop, we love it when they enjoy doing their job! Thank you, and I hope you have recruited others to help!!

We have people that travel from all over the US and Canada to attend. Maybe it’s to get away from the cold and snow?? Could be, but the longest commute that submitted a survey was 1,300 miles! It brings a smile to our faces knowing they enjoy it so much that they are willing to drive so far to come here!

Yes, we do have music! Music is a big part of the event, especially at night. You can stroll from campfire to campfire listening to some very talented people. Some events will also highlighted in the Gate Book. So be sure to read your Gate Book, there is a lot of important stuff inside. The Gate Book will be available closer to rendezvous.

And for some great news….. the Chief Dog Soldier is returning!! The position is being filled by a retired police officer and a former Marine! We hope to change some things that have been happening in the past that are beginning to become a problem. As in modern sunglasses, modern footwear, modern watches, using the charging station for watching movies, unsanitary issues at our potable water spigots. He will also help make sure the rules in the Gate Book and the Booshway Letter (now available online) are being followed!! We will be enforcing the no white lights (Coleman lanterns, flashlights) and no blue lights (tv, laptops) rule, including their glow at night through your tent walls and ceiling. After a warning to turn off and keep off for the duration of the event, the next offense may include that offending camp being escorted off the property. So please keep those things at home!!

For Club Members, or others interested in joining, we have work days on our property the Saturday before our monthly Saturday meeting. Beginning the weekend after Thanksgiving, we typically have work weekend every weekend leading up to the Rendezvous. We are mowing, laying out the roads, laying out the parking lots, putting up the seminar and school tents, and anything else that comes up or needs repaired. We can always use some help! If you are interested in becoming a member, one requirement is that you be a Florida resident.

And please remember, if you arrive during one of the public days (Thursday through Saturday), you will not be able to drive inside the stockade gate. Not only is it for public safety, but it also takes away from the primitive feel. We do not allow people to enter to remove their camp, so no one can enter to set up their camp. Wagons are available at the Location Station for hauling stuff to and from your camp. But please cover the non-primitive items!!

You can now download flyers for both PARTICIPANTS and DAY VISITORS. Our pre-registration opens October 1st but because you have been fathfully receiving our newsletter, you can get early access to our online registration HERE.

See you soon,

Stephanie & Mike Hildreth

Stephanie & Mike

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