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Introducing Your Alafia Rendezvous Segundos
Meet Our 2017 Boosway Protégés


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One of the first tasks as Booshway is to pick our Segundos. There are many people in the Florida Frontiersmen that would do a great job. Unfortunately, we can only pick one couple! We chose Rick and Helen Caravona as our Segundos for the 2016 Alafia River Rendezvous!! Many may recognize them as part of the Medical Team. Rick is our Chief Medic and has served in this position for 7 years, and his wife is also very knowledgeable and assists him. 

When we first joined the Florida Frontiersmen, we only knew a handful of people. Rick and Helen were ones that befriended us. They invited us to dinner at their camp numerous times each year. They have even opened up their wardrobe when we needed a specific item. They are willing to help in any way, and always have a smile. Their youngest son, Alex (the Jr. Segundo), can also be seen working by hauling trash and getting water for vendors and campers. Alex has also helped us selling items at our store.

Rick Caravona has been involved with the East Florida Frontiersmen Ranger Regiment. He has been training with firing a cannon at the Castillo de San Marco in St. Augustine. Rick recently received his certificate as a cannoner!

We look forward to a great Rendezvous with a great family behind us!

See you all soon,

Stephanie & Mike

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