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Greetings and Ahoy!

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Greetings once again from Sunny Florida! 

The temperatures here are in the 90s and climbing! We hope you are all well and in a cooler state then we are! LOL! We are really hoping and praying for some BEAUTIFUL weather at Alafia 2018. 

We cannot believe that there are only 5 1/2 months left before our BIG event! We are SO excited and eagerly waiting for January 19th to FINALLY get here!  We hope you are too! 

We are aware that a lot of people do not read their Gatebooks or quickly scan over them just to make sure nothing has changed from years gone by! I too am guilty of this. So we want to make sure that we STRESS the importance of carefully reading your 2018 Gatebook. We are making A LOT of changes, adding a lot of NEW things and bringing back A LOT of OLD things! If you do not read the Gatebook rest assured, there will be some AWESOME event that your gonna miss out on! Participants will get a Gatebook with their Medallion Packet upon arrival. 

Here are a few things we are adding or changing for Alafia 2018. 

1) We plan on kicking off Alafia 2018 in that Good OLD Rendezvous style! So we will be having a Booshway’s Firestarter Party at our Camp on Friday, Jan. 19th starting at 9pm till the last man is standing! If you have been to one of our Pirate Parties, you know what to expect and you know you won't be disappointed! We will be having Live Entertainment, and a Bar! But B.Y.O.B. cause I am sure we are going to run out! LOL 

2) We will be adding a Booshway's Opening and Closing Celebration on the Commons. The Opening Celebration will be on Saturday, Jan. 20th. The times will be listed in the Gatebook and will not interfere with the Metis Opening Ceremonies in the Sacred Circle! The Closing Celebration will be on Saturday, Jan. 27
th, the last day of Rendezvous. And we will be having a Farewell Segundo Party immediately afterwards. Once again the time will be in your Gatebook.

3) If things go according to plans, we will be having a Seminole encampment. Located in the fenced area across from the Hawk and Knife Range. Seminole Indians will be giving their Seminars and Demonstrations there.


4) A lot of you long time Rendezvousers know Swamp Owl. He is a True Seminole Re-enactor and does a Fantastic job of giving us a glimpse into Florida's past! He will be returning to Alafia and is VERY excited about coming back to see all his old friends. We are VERY Excited about having him with us once again! 

5) We will be having an Alafia Raffle! With $5 Raffle Tickets. You can buy as many tickets as you wish and they will be available at the General Store until we sell out. We will be raffling off a BEAUTIFUL Quilt, a brand new Ladies Bed Jacket, a Scottish Tie Skirt and several other WONDERFUL items, that will be on display at the Booshway’s camp (at the Wood Pile). We have not finished planning this yet, so we are still adding things to raffle off all the time. If you would like to donate something for the Raffle just shoot me an email at booshway2018@gmail.com

6) Now for our BIGGEST and most EXCITING news! For any of you who have been coming to Alafia for more than 7 years I am sure you remember our WONDERFUL Pow Wows and the Creek Indian who was our Master of Ceremonies! For those of you who do not know him his name is Jim Sawgrass. Sawgrass is a member of the Muskogee Creek Indian Tribe. He has been sharing his knowledge of the Southeastern Native American tribes for over 30 years, and he will be returning to Alafia to share some of that knowledge with us. He will once again be the Master of Ceremonies for our Pow Wow. The Pow Wow has been moved back to Wednesday night, Jan. 24th at 7 pm on the Commons! He will be bringing with him 6 or 7 Professional Native American drummers and dancers, including his son Cody who is a World Champion Hoop Dancer. 

7) Sawgrass will also be doing Something Special on the Stage at 2pm On Wednesday, Jan. 24th. and will be demonstrating on Thursday, Jan. 25th for the School Tours. So make sure to keep track of him by reading your Gatebook.

PLEASE remember that the dates for Alafia 2018 are different than usual. Our Early set up begins on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 and Rendezvous begins at 5 pm on Friday, January 19th, 2018 when we all get to step back in time once again.


Please email us with any questions or comments

 you may have

at booshway2018@gmail.com 


Your Humble Servants,

Ronnie and Diane Capp

Booshways 2018


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