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Greetings and Ahoy!


Hello ,

We cannot believe that time is going by SO fast! We only have 7 months to go and Alafia 2018 will be upon us. We are SO excited and cannot wait to share with you all the NEW and EXCITING changes that we have made!  If everything goes as we have planned, this will be the most entertaining and educational Rendezvous we have had in a LONG time!

We have a couple of New Governors and a lot of New Chiefs!  And we are all gearing up for an AWESOME event.
Our New Governors are:

North West Territory: Rob and Crissy Borr

Indian Territory:  Libby Harvey 

They are amazing people and good friends and we are very honored that they will be a part of our Vous!  

Our New Chiefs’ positions are:

Florida History Chief:
 Calvin Thornton. Calvin is a good friend. He is actually the one that gave us the idea to have Florida History as our theme.  Thanks a Million, Calvin!

Youth Games Chief:  Victoria Thornton, a Lady that I love dearly. She is an AWESOME home school Mom of 5, and we know she will do a Fantastic job playing games with our young people. This is for ages 11 – 17, so make sure your youths check it out.

Food Safety Chief:  Barb Boger and Co-Chief Darcie Neeson.  Both of these ladies have experience in the food industry and will make sure that our food vendors have all their food iced down properly and that they have our participants’ safety as the number 1 priority.

Pirate History Chief: Michelle Begue, We wanted to make sure that what we do at Alafia 2018 with our Pirates is Historically correct and NOT Hollywood Pirates. We will have seminars and a crew of pirates to help show us what a REAL pirate was like. 
 In fact ALL you PIRATES out there, if you would like to help us with this PLEASE contact me. 

Territory WAR Games: This is our most exciting addition to the games and our NEW Chiefs, Rob and Crissy Borr are the perfect couple to get this started. The Territory Wars games are something that we believe will bring ALL of our participants together so we can get to know other Territory campers and make NEW friends. 


Alafia Daily News Chief:  Michelle Burgess, Daily News at Rendezvous on Chalk Boards.

We do not have it all figured out just yet but we have confidence in our New Chiefs to have it all ready to go by January 20th. Just a short description of the games: All 6 Territories will compete in a week long competition to see which Territory is the BEST at Alafia 2018! We will have a point system in place for each game completed and you will be competing for an AWESOME trophy that will be displayed at the WINNING Territory Governor’s camp.  It is going to be AWESOME fun! So get ready and be sure to get with your Governor as soon as you arrive at Vous to find out more. 

These are old positions but NEW Chiefs:

Location Station:  Shannon Degamon. She will be setting new hours.  

School Tours: Marcie Adkins. She will be adding all NEW seminars and games for our school kids.  

Range Officer: Mark Landon. He will be adding a couple AWESOME New events for our shooters.

Scoring Officer: Harry Bradley

Parking Lot: Mike Dunn 

  A SPECIAL Thanks to Hatchet Jack Keener, our Archery Chief, for designing our Medallion. The design is already being completed at the Highland Mint, and should be ready sometime in June. We believe that it will be a Medallion you will treasure for a LONG time to come! 

Starting next month, we should be able to start announcing some of the NEW and Exciting things that are being added to Alafia. There are SO many things to tell you! We have had a HUGE response from SO many of you wanting to help us go back to tradition and make Alafia exciting, fun, and educational again, If you would like to help us or if you have a suggestion on how we can Improve the Alafia, PLEASE contact us. While we may not be able to do everything that is suggested, we still want to hear from you.

Be SURE to watch for and READ your newsletters because it will be your guide to ALL things NEW at Alafia 2018! 


Your Humble Servants,

Ronnie and Diane Capp 
Booshway 2018

To see a little bit of Alafia history click on link:


Peninsular Florida Reservation--1824 to 1832

The Alafia River Rendezvous is within the Seminole Reservation of 1824-1832

Florida history -- French in Florida:



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