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Hi ,

It’s funny when we started this Rendezvous adventure we had our friends and our reenacting friends.  Over the years, they have grown into one in the same.  We were brought to the Florida Frontiersmen by a friend from work, which knew our children and knew we liked to shoot.  Three months later we were rendezvousing with one set of clothes each and a wash pail.  Nine years later; we have a few tents, a few flies, lots of kitchen equipment and a trailer full of period correct belongings.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.  

Over the years we have invited our friends to visit; whether it’s been school days, visitor days, to join us in doing a demo or as in this year to stay the whole time.  This is our invitation for you to join us and to invite your friends.  All the information needed can be found on our web site (www.floridafrontiersmen.com).  If you live local and want school info; Pam Moore will be happy assist you.  If you want to participate; Susie Hull will be happy to handle pre-registration for you (forms will be available on October 1). If you want to just day visit; our flyer will be up soon with all the information and Crissy Borr & her team will be there to welcome you.  

Whether you are camping or day visiting please drop by and introduce yourself, we love making new friends.

Rick and Helen

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