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Hi , 

Welcome to the March newsletter!  For our club, the first meeting of April means Range Safety meeting and for us it also means gun safety.  We use the safety meeting to remind us to check our guns and to give them all a good cleaning.  Gun and range safety are at the top of our list as far as keeping the shooter, other shooters and spectators safe.   Be sure when you join us at The Alafia River Rendezvous that you take an extra minute or two and go over the range rules posted in the gate book.  

We are definitely on track to make this a wonderful event! Registration forms and other information should be available in October and the gate book about a month before the event.  Please keep your eyes on this site for gate book advertising (both fees and deadlines), registration information and hints at all the wonderful things planned!

For club members; we have a couple opening for chiefs and a couple people we have yet to verify that they want to remain a chief.   We are hoping to settle all opening and fill all vacancies during the next club meeting: if we haven’t spoken with you, please feel free to get with us. Meetings have been a little hectic.  

For individual questions and comments please feel free to send us an E-mail at: Booshway2017@yahoo.com

Can’t wait to see everyone

Rick and Helen

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