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Two Months Before Rendezvous 
Can You Smell The Smoke In The Air?


Hi ,

We are just at the 2 month mark for the Rendezvous!! It will be here before you know it! I don't know about you, but we still have quite a few projects we're working on, with my sewing as the biggest! Although we are looking forward to the event, I will be glad to get my house back in order!

The t-shirt order campaign has now ended. We ended up selling a total of 130 shirts! So for our first attempt at a commemorative shirt for the Alafia River Rendezvous, we are pleased with the success! Thank you to everyone that ordered a shirt!!! The proceeds will help buy prizes for the Rendezvous games. At the next Club Meeting, December 12, we will publicly announce the amount of money that was made. As far as offering t-shirts again next year, that will be up to our Segundos, the 2017 Booshways.

Pre-Registration for participants ends December 1, 2015. Save some money by registering now. The fees go up at the gate for both camping and trading! Please remember that trade blankets with a value of $500 and up require a trade license! So if you are planning on selling guns, please keep in mind the $500 limit. If we see you at the event without a trade license, you will be required to register with the Trade Chief, and pay the higher trade fee.

For Club Members, remember that your valid Volunteer hours are due by December 1, 2015 in order to set up camp early. Please do not make up jobs without contacting us first. As a volunteer club, we need everyone's help to make the event successful. For participants who wish to volunteer their time there are some areas we could use your help. We have a record number of students coming on the Thursday, school day. If you have a minimum of 2 hours, we could really use a few more docents. We supply you with a map and you take a group around to the different demonstration setups. They would love to hear your stories too!

In order to keep the cost of the wood down and not increase it, we began obtaining the wood a couple of months ago, before the need for any fire wood. We were told that some people had problems burning the wood last year. So hopefully getting the wood earlier will help it dry out better.

As you begin to start pulling out stuff and getting ready for the Rendezvous, please keep in mind the pre-1840 era. With the Dog Soldiers returning, the rules will be strictly enforced! We want this event to be fun and memorable for everyone and look forward to everyone keeping their camp and person primitive. Anything seen not within the time period will be asked to be taken to your vehicle or trailer and left there for the duration of the event. The second time you may be asked to leave. So please keep the rules in your mind as you begin to prepare and pack. 

Also, parking will be strictly enforced this year. Parking in the wrong lot will result in your vehicle being towed. The handicapped parking lot is for vehicles with a current valid handicapped parking permit (issued by your state DMV) only! And as always, no camping is allowed in the handicapped parking.

See you all in January as we Bridge the Gap With Our Ancestors!!

Stephanie & Mike Hildreth

Stephanie & Mike

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