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Thank you for signing up with us.  We are Mike and Stephanie Hildreth, the Booshways for the 2016 Alafia River Rendezvous.  The Florida Frontiersmen are actively planning next year's event.  Registration forms and specific information will be available in the beginning of October. Our Gatebook is usually available about one month before Rendezvous.

We will be sending you periodic updates on how our planning is going. If for any reason you have questions on the 2016 Rendezvous, you can contact us at Booshway2016@gmail.com.

An Introduction to Your Booshways!

2016 Booshways

Stephanie began coming to the Rendezvous in the early 90's when they were held at the Charlie Knight's property. Her uncle ran into a dressed participant at the Plant City Wal-Mart one day and approached him for information. That's how it all started. At first I was a weekend only participant with my Aunt and Uncle until I had enough gear to get a tent and really enjoy the event.

Mike and Stephanie were high school sweethearts. Upon graduation each went their separate ways: Stephanie went to college, and Mike enlisted in the Army. In 2008 we reconnected. However, Stephanie told Mike the only way he could have a life with her was to go to the Alafia River Rendezvous every January. After explaining it, he was thankfully excited!

Mike's first event was in 2009. He fell in love with it and after the 2010 Rendezvous was over we began the process of becoming members. Mike began assisting with the Trade Chief, and eventually was passed the Trader Persuader and given the title of Trade Chief. As a people person, Mike really enjoys working with our traders during the event.

We are eager to be the Booshway's for the 2016 Rendezvous and look forward to a great event. This is the Florida Frontiersmen's 45th rendezvous. It is a big responsibility and we couldn't do it without the other club members! So thanks for all that you do!

See you soon,

Stephanie & Mike

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