The Move to Homeland

The Florida Frontiersmen Have Found A HOME

After years of searching and waiting we have finally found a home. It is located just a few miles south of Bartow on Hwy 17 in a community call Homeland, Florida.

EarlyHomelandPhotos (2)

Photos taken 10-14-02 Here is a photo of the Alter in the Sacred Circle. The Sacred Circle is used for the Alafia opening and closing ceremonies. It is used as a place of worship and prayer. It is a place to feel close to Nature, the Earth and our Creator.

EarlyHomelandPhotos (5)

Trees were planted on perimeter of the Metis’ Sacred Circle. The trees will grow up and replace the poles that we have used in the past.












EarlyHomelandPhotos (9)

New sod looks great.

EarlyHomelandPhotos (8)

Hard to believe this is all reclaimed land from strip mining.










EarlyHomelandPhotos (1)

This beautiful water tank was built by Les Jacobson and Crew. It is down by the Horse Barn. The plan is to rebuild the other water tank to look just like this. We are so lucky to have these kind of craftsmen in our club.

EarlyHomelandPhotos (4)

The frame of what will become our horse barn. Mike and Bev McIntyre have worked and worked and worked. To make this DREAM a reality! Their work crew consists mainly of Alafia Rangers like Mitch Mitchell, Ed Taylor, Chuck Spencer and others.













EarlyHomelandPhotos (3)

Here is Jack Keener and his Archery Crew and All their new targets. They are looking forward to Alafia 2003!

EarlyHomelandPhotos (7)

ere is Good News for those that were camped on the West Side of the Rendezvous site. YAHOO !! Two count them two new hooter stations are going up. One on the corner of Nelson Aurich Rd. and Ft. Alafia Rd. and the other on Nelson Aurich Rd. and Putz (Jon) Rd.

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