Publishing Past Alafia Rendezvous Photos

Archives of the Florida Frontiersmen Alafia River Rendezvous

The photos and information provided in this menu section will allow those who have attended in the past to reminisce and those who have not attended to appreciate what they are missing.  If you have attended any specific year and wish to contribute to the photo galleries, please place your photos on a CD and send it to the Florida Frontiersmen.  Make sure that no photo is larger than 2 mb in size. You can download a free Microsoft Image Resizer HERE if you use the Windows operating system. The “Medium” setting should do the trick.

Photos placed in our galleries have had the “right-click” and “save/copy image” capabilities disabled.

Photo Release

Please download, print, sign and include the Photo Release Form.

Video Instructions

If you have video of Alafia please load your video on one of two hosting services: YouTube or Vimeo and send us the link.  We cannot accept raw video files.


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