Our Memorial Garden

Early Years of Building Our Memorial Garden

2003MemorialGarden (13)

Bev McIntyre had this wonder idea to create an area that would be beautiful and honor Florida Frontiersmen that have passed on.

2003MemorialGarden (2)

Here is Bev surrounded by some of her Helpers.










2003MemorialGarden (1)

Here is another cheerful painter, Nita Bearry!

2003MemorialGarden (4)

Who could ask for a more cheerful helper than Mary Aurich. She smiles as she adds a coat of paint to the fence. What style she has!















2003MemorialGarden (3)

Ed Ash helps paint too!

2003MemorialGarden (11)

The Rock has all the names on it. Many of these people were the Club’s Founding Fathers.











2003MemorialGarden (14)

Mitch and Mary Mitchell help by putting in some plants.


2003MemorialGarden (6)

he Memorial Rock and Garden was dedicated at Alafia 2002 with a special ceremony lead by our Native American Chiefs.











2003MemorialGarden (5)

Here you can see their authentic outfits.

2003MemorialGarden (12)

The Bake auction at the 2002 Alafia helped pay for this wonderful statue and plague that now stands in the Memorial Garden.




Three flags fly over the Memorial Garden. The US flag, the Bonnie Blue flag of Florida and the Florida Frontiersmen flag.









2003MemorialGarden (8)

In dedication to those who, before us, had the vision to create the Florida Frontiersmen.




2003MemorialGarden (10)

“Woody” standing proud.

2003MemorialGarden (9)

Carved from a single piece of wood.


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