How to Become a Florida Frontiersmen Club Member

What is the Process to Join the Florida Frontiersmen?

A membership application must be made in person. The new membership process begins by personally attending one of our 12 regularly scheduled monthly meetings. Period clothing is not required at monthly events. Please check our EVENTS calendar for dates and times.

To become a prospective member you must have a sponsor.  Our purpose for sponsorship is to assure you have someone you get to know that is available to fill you in on all of the great club history and assist you with answering any questions that arise during your application process. If you don’t know anyone, spending time in fellowship with our club members will easily take care of that and we will find someone to assist you.

Once you decide on becoming a member, you will be required to pay a $75 application fee.  You will then have one year to complete the following membership requirements:

  1. Not counting the meeting that you processed your application at, you will need to attend two additional meetings.
  2. You will need to volunteer for two duties at one or more of our monthly meetings, one is to be an Official Scorer of targets and the other a Range Safety Officer (if you are a shooter- non-shooters do scoring twice).  Each is about two hours long and you will shadow a more experienced member. Florida Frontiersmen is a black powder shooting club.  So members are expected to volunteer regularly for these duties.  If you do not shoot, that is perfectly OK.  The Range House can always use help organizing our monthly activities.
  3. Throughout the year, we have work days.  Our 323 acres and outbuildings all require care and maintenance.  The club functions because our members volunteer their skills.  You will be required to attend at least one, typically held on a Saturday.
  4. Finally, you will be required to attend a one hour Range Safety Course.  All members, whether regular shooters or not, are required to understand the regulations on safety for our property and black powder ranges.

Once the above requirements are completed, you will have the following options: Pay your annual membership fee of $100.  Since all members renew their Membership and pay their $100 fee (due between May and July) each year,  prospective members have the option to  pay the annual fee for their membership immediately upon completing their requirements.  If you choose to wait to join, you may attend meetings but the remaining privileges of membership are not active until the next renewal period.

Membership includes the applicant, spouse and any children living at home who are under 18 years of age.

Florida Frontiersmen, Inc. Constitution and Bylaws 

Monthly Newsletters

Privileges of Membership

Members of the Florida Frontiersmen can:

  1. Access the property for their personal use, subject to our by-laws and regulations.
  2. Vote and participate in guiding the future of our club.
  3. Participate in monthly competitive events.
  4. Access the Membership Roster.
  5. Register on our website and access electronic copies of club information.
  6. Have the ability to comment on the postings occurring monthly on our website blog.
  7. (For members who also camp at Alafia River Rendezvous) Gain early setup privileges.  Check with our Booshway for the other additional early setup requirements.

You can find  ways to contact us HERE. You can locate us HERE.


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