December 2017 Grounds Keeping Report

December 2017 Grounds Keeping Report

01-06-17 Meeting

Chris Beisler

We try to capture all the names of the people who come to help on workdays, if we have missed someone it is not intentional. Please let us know if you helped and we do not have you listed. Likewise, if we have you listed and did not attend let us know that also.

Weekend 12-02-17: Shoot Weekend, we still managed to mow and trimmed; weeded around the pine trees in modern camping area; replaced downed street sign poles, finished cleaning out the Hooter Stations; worked in woods walk.

Week End 12-09-17 (37): Roger Arrowood; Martha Bair; Don & Barb Boger; Rob Borr; Ronnie & Diane Capp; Leonard Capps; Dale Chapin; Ron Clark; Jack Conrad; Jim Farley; Christian Farley; Robin & Cindy Fortner; Frank Fulghum; Mike Gentile; Jack Hall; Jim & Susie Hull; AJ Jackson; Sherri Keener; Henry Kuczwara; Mark Landon; Danny Lowery; Mike & Bev McIntyre; Glen & Madeleine McLean; Mike & Mary Nolan; Dave Sipes; Roger Smith; Butch & Kathy Snyder; Dale Stevens; Bill Yost.

All though it was a cool, cloudy, windy, rainy day we were able to get the rendezvous roads laid out including modern; worked on gun ranges target frames, gun range fences; bat wing mowed participant parking; framed the roofs of the Day Visitor Gate and the Range Hooter station; Cleaned up/cut up in modern pine tree camping area.

Weekend 12-16-17 (52): Chris Arrowood; Roger Arrowood; Randy Bailey; Chris Beisler; Christopher Beisler, Greg Beisler; Don & Barb Boger; Harry Bradley III; Harry Bradly IV (Son); Ron Clark; Jack Conrad; Tom Davis; Jerry Duck; Dick Edwards; Robin & Cindy Fortner; Greg & Glenda Fulbright; Frank Fulghum; Mike Gentile; Stan & Terry Golden; Jim Hull; David Ikenberry; AJ Jackson; Shari Keener; Jean Shipplie/Kight & Larry Clark; Hank Kuczwara; Mark Landon; Andy Laurent; John Laurent; Glen & Madeleine McLean; Steve Mann; Dave Philbnick; Mike Phipps; John Sebright; Dave Sipes; Butch & Kathy Snyder; Richard & Helen Stanton; Dale & Joan Stevens; Ron Sullins; Steve Vermilye; Allen Watson and Friend Tim; Steve Zadawczynski & Joy Milford.

Completed the ramp at the shooting house; put up the board roofs at the Day Visitor Gate and the Range Hooter Station; Demoed the 100 yard target frames and started it’s replacement; Worked on the Dumpster/Wood Wall hurricane damage; Bat wing mowed the handicap & Member parking area; completed roping off the Participant, Handicap, & Member parking areas; general Mowing & weed-eating; installed new temporary electrical outlets at the charging station; took down the ladies tea tent at the barn;

Weekend 12-23-17 (36): Chris Beisler; Christopher Beisler; Greg Beisler; Marty & Mary Betts; Davis Brsgalla; Leonard Capps; Ron Clark; Roger Cole; Jack Conrad; Dennis & Shannon Degamon; Frank & Liz Fulghum; Leo Golembiewski; Scott Hoffmeister; Jim & Susie Hull; Tim Jenkins; Ron Judd; Henry Kuczwara; Mark Landon; Danny Lowery; Brad Lowery; Glen & Madeleine McLean; Bill Marney; David Philbnick; Mike Phipps; Will & Kala Perkins; Buch & Cathy Snyder; Richard Staton; Bill Yost; Steve Zdawczynski.

Completed the Roof of the Day Visitor Gate; Worked on the 100 Yard target frames; Installed temporary generator electric to Location Station for charging Club radios; Started water line to new Memorial Wall; Worked on the Scoreboard replacement at the Range House; Worked on the Woods Walk; Shored up bridge at Modern Walkthrough;

Weekend 12-30-17 (At Least 35): Roger Arrowood; Jeff Bills; Ronnie & Dianne Capp; Leonard Capps; Ron Clark; Terry & Sherri Cox; Shannon Degamon; Dick Edwards; Frank & Liz Fulghum; Scott Hufmeister; Jim & Susie Hull; Tim Jenkins; Mark Landon; Mark & Sue McCain; Glen & Madeleine; McLean; David Philbnick; Mike Phipps; Mary Ralph; Butch & Cathy Snyder; Richard & Helen Staton; Randy Thomas; John Walton; Kevin & Amanda Wolf; Bill Yost; Steve Zdawczynski.

Completed Roofing on the Range Hooter Station; completed the Scoreboard replacement at the Range House; Erected all of the Club Tents for Rendezvous; Put out Rendezvous Signage; Staked/roped up more of the Berm Cedar Trees; Worked on the Woods Walk; Pulled up pepper trees on the back berm of the Primitive Range;

During the Month: (At least 17): Ron Clark; Monty Davies; Shannon Degamon; Mike Dunn; Deanna Dunn; Jim Hull; Van Keabler; Mike Kern; David Philbnick; Butch & Kathy Snyder; Terry & Kathy Sopher; Ron & Carolyn Wilson; Burl Wilson; Steve Zdawczynski;

Equipment Maintenance: Replaced the right Front tire on the 20’ trailer; Fixed the trailer lights on the 20’ trailer; Future: Bob Cat Zero Turn Mower down; Ignition wiring on Ford 7740 farm tractor. Check breaks on 580 back hoe; Tighten/maintenance hydraulics’ on the 7740 farm tractor, Need to change the fuel filters in the Case 580 backhoe.

Property Burn: The Cogan grass burn was on Thursday, December 7th.

Rendezvous Grounds Preparation: On Going 

Hurricane Damage:But we still have a way to go: There are 2 large oak trees done on the east fence/fire break; Tree down in Teena’s Meadow; We need to check on the south fence line; A section of the Wood Pile Hooter/Dumpster wall came down.

Special Projects: Complete the replacement of the shooting frames on all the gun ranges (we still have the 4x4’s to put in at the 100 yard range and some 2x4’s to replace on the 25yard and 50yard target frames). As time allows we would also like to do further work on the Stockade Fence: Saw Boards; Erect Poles and 2x6’s. Completion of trimming the dead limbs out of the newer oak trees. After the Rendezvous we will start the replacement of roof battens on the 100-yard range roof.

General: We do have a white board at the equipment shed in the back maintaining a list of items that can be worked on at any time, if you have any questions give Chris Beisler a call – Number is on the white board – 813-967-0150 – If you see something that needs to be done, please let me know, email or a note written down would be best.

Next Regularly Scheduled Work Weekend: We are now in Rendezvous Prep Mode – As tradition: There will be a work weekend every weekend until rendezvous. Especially with the added Hurricane Damage added work! Watch for email notices.


Chris Beisler

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