Black Powder Shooting


Our property at the Florida Frontiersmen hosts a number of ranges for black powder competiton.  While not all ranges are in use each month, the ranges are:

  1. Paper Range – Covered loading stations: 25 yds; 50 yds; 100 yds.


    The Covered Paper Range

  2. Two Hundred Range – Covered loading stations: 100 yds; 200 yds.
  3. Primitive Range – 25 yds to 50 yds, over 20 objects.
  4. Trade Gun Range – 20 yds to 50 yds, over 20 objects.
  5. Woods Walk – over 20 stations, shoot as our ancestors did, out of your bag.
  6. Shotgun Range – manual and automatic projecting of clays
  7. Knife and Hawk – Cypress blocks
  8. Primitive Archery – 20 station woodland course with life size objects.

The Florida Frontiersmen meet once a month to shoot a paper aggregate on our range. Primitive attire not required. We also hold a monthly hawk and knife competition. Prizes are given out to top shooters and throwers. The Saturday afternoon of our meeting weekend we have a general business meeting and seminar to share knowledge and information relevant to our historical/shooting interests. All participants must read and sign our Range Rules. Check our schedule of events for dates and times.


General Rules applicable at all club functions:

i) Black powder only

ii) Caplock, number 10/11 or musket cap

iii) Flintlock

iv) Wheelock

v) Can use single or double set triggers

vi) All locks must have a “half cock” position or equivalent to render the gun safe and the trigger ineffective

vii) Open sights, buckhorn sights and peep sights all fixed without assistance of optics

viii) To be used on the Trade gun range, a smooth bore, flintlock with a front beaded sight or blade only

ix) Round ball with patch – no sabots and/or formed conical projectiles – all loading must be done from the muzzle not the breach. See exceptions for cartridge matches at State events. Buckshot must be used on the shotgun range. No brass or paper cartridges can be used to load firelocks on any range

x) No inline black powder rifles and/or pistols can be used on any range

xi) Navy, Colt and other revolvers of the mid-1800’s, can be used provided that only one cylinder is loaded at a time

xii) Spotting scopes and tripods are permitted when set up behind the loading tables on the paper range. No modern spotting scopes are permitted on primitive and woods walks

xiii) Wooden loading and supply boxes are preferred but modern boxes are accepted.

Rules for the Alafia River Rendezvous – the objective of this event is to use muzzle loaders readily available prior to 1840. Exceptions to the above rules in (1) are:

i) Open sights and buckhorn sights only – peep sites are prohibited from object ranges and for use in a final shoot off

ii) No Navy, Colt and other revolvers with a cylinder (this category includes Colt Walker, Navy ’51 and ’61)

iii) No modern spotting scopes are permitted. Antique or reproduction telescopes are permitted when hand held for any range.

iv) If loading boxes are not wooden, they must be covered in burlap or canvas when carried to and from the range.

For State Shoots – are defined by match type and muzzle loaders may be limited to competing in groups. Exceptions to the above rules in (1) are:

i) Brass cartridge black powder firearms with conical projectiles can compete together in a “open rifle” or “bench rifle” match using conical projectiles.

ii) Peep sights can be used in any match that is classified as “open rifle” or “bench rifle.”


i) All matches are offhand unless otherwise stated.

ii) Pistols are to be held with one hand.

iii) No slings on rifles for adults – exceptions made for Junior Shooters

iv) All muzzle loaders are subject to inspection and approval by the Chief Range Officer


Come join us – we are at the Range House.

2014AlafiaBobSamson (40)

Range House













2011AlafiaBobSamson (5)

Inside of Our Range House

Paper Range on a Cold Alafia Morning

Junior competition on the paper range – We shoot all year so dress warm when it is cold.


2008AlafiaAnnaCrew (33)

Our primitive range is filled with objects to shoot at. We also have a traditional objects trade gun range that is open during rendezvous.


All ranges have loading benches for safety and convenience. Ranges have Safety Officers to monitor adherence to our Range Rules.



























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