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2018-19 Annual Membership Renewals – Due by July 1ST

2018-19 Annual Membership Renewals – Due by July 1ST

Filed in Club News by on June 24, 2015 0 Comments • views: 2294

Club renewals are due in 7 days, if you haven’t gotten them in, check out our website.  You can do your renewals via the website. The renewals are only accepted until midnight July 4th. Cash and check renewals will also be accepted at the July 4th meeting. Registering on our website  First you must already be an existing member […]


Recent Articles #2

Welcome to Florida Frontiersmen’s New Web Site

Welcome to Florida Frontiersmen’s New Web Site

Filed in Club News by on October 30, 2014 1 Comment • views: 1750

We are well underway building a new and interactive website for our members and many friends. Enjoy! Your web team


2018 Florida Frontiersmen Scholarship Program views: 112

Great FL NMLRA Territorial May 2018 views: 510

Some random shots from our first FL NMLRA Territorial Match. Good luck to all the FL shooters in the NMLRA national territorial ratings.

April 2018 Archery Report views: 289

APRIL 2018 ARCHERY REPORT We had 9 shooters including myself participate at the clout shoot. The shooters could shoot as many times as time allowed and the top two scorers were member Earl Grabowski and non member but good prospect, Joshua Duck. Earl and Josh shot the most rounds at the Clout. I probably did […]

Property Report March 2018 Meeting views: 458

2nd Vice President’s Report We had a work weekend on February 24th. There were 7 people there, including myself. The 6 other participants were Henry Kuzwara, Mark Landon, Charlie Chapman, Tamera Beisler, Ron Clark and Chris Arrowood. We Prepped Targets, Emptied Trash, Cleaned Up and Rebuilt Shooting Berms and a great time was had by […]

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