Ancient Photos

The 1998 Alafia was held on property on Jameson Rd. in Hillsborough Co. It was the “Year of the Manatee” and Barb and Lee Huffman were the Booshways.

AncientPhotos (3)

Making a “Joyful Noise” from the porch of the Ft Alafia General Store.

AncientPhotos (4)

Marty Betts puts Chester to work pulling a sled.

AncientPhotos (5)

Ice was delivered by horse drawn wagons.

AncientPhotos (8)

Now here is a scary picture. Boy have we changed!

AncientPhotos (9)

Here are some of our Boy Scouts when they were wee Cubs!

AncientPhotos (2)

Lee Betz, Cheri Clark and others enjoy the Clan Wolf Dinner at the 1997 Alafia.

AncientPhotos (10)

Firing on the range. Notice who the range officer is…..Ed Taylor.

AncientPhotos (11)

Ava Francesca is here in the front but who else can you spot in this photo?

AncientPhotos (12)

The always “Dapper” Doc Long.

AncientPhotos (13)

A slightly younger Jack McDonald.

AncientPhotos (14)

Larry Clark, Oscar Cain, Ron Clark and Jack McDonald peeping over Oscar’s shoulder.

AncientPhotos (1)

A trio of founding fathers. From left to right: Lee Betz, Charley Chapman and Bob Merada.

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