School Day Information

School Tours on the Thursday of Alafia

Each year on the Thursday of the Alafia River Rendezvous the Florida Frontiersmen invite hundreds of school age children to come and get a glimpse of America’s past.  Space is limited…so contact us early! Each group will have their own personal guide to the past and reservations are necessary. Please contact for more information.

Please Be Aware that No Pets are permitted during Public Days – Registered Service Animals are the exception

What There is To See

The purpose of our School Day is to give our children a chance to experience history first hand.  Blacksmiths, weavers, potters, rope makers, clothiers, all take time to demonstrate their art.  You can see everything from how a bow and arrows are made to our East Florida Frontiersmen demonstrate muskets and cannons.  Below are just a few of the sights at Alafia.

AlafiaSchoolTours (10)

Here you see a school group with Bob Samson and his grandson, Richie as their guides.

AlafiaSchoolTours (3)

The Cooper (bucket maker)











AlafiaSchoolTours (5)

Broom Maker – Madeleine McLean of Wonky Wood Works shows how to make a broom

AlafiaSchoolTours (12)

Root Beer is always a hit!












AlafiaSchoolTours (11)

A Bagpiper – Piper Bob

AlafiaSchoolTours (2)

These are the Sorry Sisters Mary Betts and Barb Davis – Mountain Dulcimer Players













AlafiaSchoolTours (1)

Learn something new from the Friendly Natives, the Metis’

AlafiaSchoolTours (4)

Beekeeper and Honey












Turkey in the straw - guy does a flip


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