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Welcome to the Alafia River Rendezvous® one of our country’s oldest and largest 1640 – 1840 events. The Alafia has an entire trade town with over 140 registered Traders, Sutlers, and suppliers coming to trade, sell, and buy with over 1400 participants during the week, and the two days of open trade with the public.

Participants come year after year from around the country to rendezvous in Florida’s January sunshine for some real shinin’ times. Some traders and participants have been coming for over 30 years.

Come catch the Spirit of the Alafia!


Food and drink are a big part of Trade Town. Cold drinks, breakfast, lunch and dinner can be found there. With that in mind, we have implemented a food safety program for the 2018 Alafia River Rendezvous Trade Rules regarding food vendors.

We have a new Chief that will inspect our kitchens for the following:

  • Clean Kitchens with no trip hazards
  • Food Prep areas that are clean, including cutting boards, knives and towels
  • A hand wash station that has soap, water and paper towels
  • Clean coolers, with clean ice
  • Make sure practices are in place to insure there is no cross contamination of food
  • No food is to be stored on the ground
  • A place to wash dishes and utensils that is clean, no mold
  • Using thermometers to check for correct food temps
  • Tables wipe cloths that are in a bleach solution
  • Evidence of pests
  • Garbage cans are clean, kept covered and emptied as necessary
  • Any chemicals are labeled and stored away from food and food supplies
  • Food is protected from cross contamination
  • All workers are clean and in good health
  • All food is handled with suitable utensils, such as single use gloves or tongs
  • All workers in the kitchens need to have a Safe Server Course Card, and be able to present it upon request.

The health and safety of our Vouer’s and visitors are paramount in keeping our event as one of the Largest in the country. One bad egg can ruin the batter, so they say.

For Trade Rules and Fees click on the following links:

Alafia Trade Rules

For more information email Trade Chief Mike Hildreth at





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