Alafia Children’s School

 Alafia School is Cool!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Did you know that the Alafia River Rendezvous has a one-room school tent? It is run by several certified teachers that volunteer their time at Alafia to supervise and tutor students with their school work. The students bring the school work from their regular school that they would have missed by attending the Alafia.











OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The school runs Monday through Friday, and yes students you have to go on Martin Luther King’s Day because he wasn’t born yet in 1840. School starts at 8:30 am.











school05The school bell rings at 10 min. till and then again at 8:30am. Each student that attends all five days will receive a certificate of attendance. This is a service to keep our children on track in their public school classroom. To avoid over crowding, the school is not intended for children who are homeschooled.














If you would like you can print out a wonderful letter written by our very own Mrs. Abby Lee explaining to your child’s teacher where and what your family will be doing their week at Alafia and asking for the school work the student will miss while gone. Just print it out and fill in the blanks.

Download your sample letter to your own school here.








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