2019 Alafia River Rendezvous® Booshways


48th Alafia River Rendezvous® January 16-27 2019

Chris and I would first like to thank you all for having us as your 2019 Booshways, and let you know how much we are looking for-ward to putting on another great event with you all. We will be working with the board this year to implement the SOP for each of the different aspects of the Rendezvous. We will also be trying to address the issues that have already been brought to our at-tention to make the event better all around. Chris has already contacted some of the chiefs from last year, but we would like each of you to email us with your plans to serve as chiefs for the 2019 Rendezvous. I know that it takes all of us working together to make this event happen, so if you have ideas or comments, please email us at 2019booshway@gmail.com. Thank you all for all your work for the 2018 Rendezvous, and we hope that we can rely on you to make the 2019 Rendezvous another great event!


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