FFI Bob Merada Has Passed On

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Bob’s obituary read that he was 82 and that he “…passed away peacefully on August 29, 2018, after a long battle with cancer and heart disease.” That he was “…survived by his loving wife of 58 years, Katherine “Kitty” (Herbermann) Merada; children, Michael (Carol), John (Denise), Donna Frederick (Richard), Paul (Judy); grandchildren, Trevor, Quinton, Kayleigh, Barbara (Frederick) Philpot (Harris), Rick Frederick, Susan McQueen; brother, James (Nancy); and a loving extended family.” We the Florida Frontiersmen were his loving extended family.

Bob joined the Florida Frontiersmen in 1979 and from the time he joined until he was called home on August 29th he did everything he could for 42 years to make our Club better whether it was promoting our Club or the Alafia River Rendezvous the Florida Frontiersmen was in his heart.

In June 1985 I was elected secretary and Bob was elected treasurer. Lee wrote in the newsletter “There was a hotly contested election of Officers, a tough fight, here’s the winners; President – Lee Betz, still much beloved; VP & RO [Vice President & Range Officer] – J Brabham, getting better but still mean; Secretary – Ron Clark, learning to write; Treasurer – Bob Merada, where did the money go?” The membership list had a membership of 38.

In the August 1993 Newsletter it was written, “The first announcement and possibly [president] Jack’s [McDonald] most important of the meeting was that Bob Merada had shown up with a large pot of beans, rice, and venison that needed to be consumed that evening. He also had several cases of beer that were going flat (no danger of that around Frontiersmen). I’m sure the repast was enjoyed by the brave souls that intrepidly camped out Saturday night.”

In 1994 when Cherri and I were Booshways, Cherri gave Bob his handle “Hard Road.” That was before cell phones so we were using walkie-talkies. Bob was over a mile from the rendezvous site out on the hard road directing traffic. Cherri would come on with, “You got your ears on Hard Road?” and Bob would come back with, “Hard Road here.” This was Bob’s email address hardro@aol.com.

Reading our past newsletters, Bob’s name was continuously listed as Score Keeper, Range Officer, multiple committees, Club muzzleloading hunts (we did annually), and many different positions at the Alafia (and not just one but multiple positions each Alafia), helped run our quarterly 1885 Buffalo Shoots when we ran them, and the Florida Frontiersmen State Shoot sponsorship over the years. It was Bob and his Aunt Mary that put our first Alafia Gate Book together that continues in that same format that we use today. That was Bob…always with a smile, soft spoken, always there to help out, always volunteering, and always giving words of encouragement and praise. “Thanks for all you do for the Club,” he would say.

It was reported in a 2009 newsletter that Bob was going through Chemo. Despite battling cancer and heart disease for over nine years it never stopped him from volunteering at the Alafia, doing Club range duties, in 2018 taking me to Hardee County to meet with his childhood friends that he believed could help our Club. He was even still shooting in 2017.

1979 Bob became a Florida Frontiersmen, on September 24, 2017 he became our first Life Member, and on August 29, 2018 he became a Florida Frontiersmen for eternity.

Rest in peace dear friend…rest in peace


Bob Merada Portrait

Painting by Jon Houglum

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