April 2018 Archery Report

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We had 9 shooters including myself participate at the clout shoot. The shooters could shoot as many times as time allowed and the top two scorers were member Earl Grabowski and non member but good prospect, Joshua Duck. Earl and Josh shot the most rounds at the Clout. I probably did screw up the scoring of a round or two as I am only human and make mistakes. In the end, it was close and I give Earl and Josh “atta boy’s” for there efforts. Both shot good and although I tried to keep track of the final tally I might have messed up and probably did. I had Josh winning by a point or two. Of course this written acknowledgment of the winners was all either of them had to gain anyway. I hope Earl and Josh are satisfied with the above acknowledgment of their shooting prowess and my probable error? If either of them is not, I would ask them to grow up and start figuring out what is important in this short life? Life experiences are not always fair and equitable and some times you get zigged or zagged and it is no fault of your own, it just happens. How you react to it is important.

All members are invited to come participate in the next meetings archery paper target shoot on the same weekend as the Territorial shoot. You club members surprise ole Hatchet by turning out to shoot. If all the members that owned one of my bows would participate, we might have 50 participants from Club members alone? Surprise me!…….come shoot for the fun of it.

Hatchet Jack

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