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FREE SEWING CLASS: On April 7th, during the club shoot, there will be a free sewing class by Rick Haven, Just Two Tailors. It has been decided that in this class, sewers will be making the Tailor’s Guide Partially-bone Stays. There will be instructions in the beginning on how to size any pattern to fit your body. The class is free, but there will be charges for patterns and the necessary metal stays to complete the project. Please e-mail Rick at and let him know you are coming so that he will have sufficient supplies. Bring your electric sewing machine and an extension cord, large scissors for cutting out your stays, small sewing scissors, ample straight pins, sewing thread for your machine as well as 1 1/2 yards of two different fabrics (because the stays are reversible), and an additional 1 1/2 yards of a cotton lining fabric. You should also bring a note book and a pencil. Class will begin at 9 am in the maintenance shed and continue most of the day.

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