Alafia is Almost Here!

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Notice I didn’t write, “Alafia is next week!” in the headline. That’s because visitors not familiar with our saying might not understand and panic, and it has happened. However, you members and volunteers who do understand what “Alafia is next week!” means  should be in a panic because it’s (the Alafia) is almost here and there is still so much more to do to be ready. We are having work days every weekend.

Also, besides getting everything ready for the Alafia to start, there is a so much more to do when it is here. The Alafia River Rendezvous® is the oldest, largest, and most successful pre-1840 event of it’s kind anywhere. It takes ALL of us working together volunteering and making sure that all our volunteer positions are filled to do it.

The Alafia is our once a year fund raiser that keeps our organization moving forward in our mission to preserve the skills and history of pre-1840 America. It’s our car wash and bake sale. The Alafia provides the funding for our scholarships, the maintenance of our property, our future Youth Program, and keep the Alafia alive.

So please ask who needs help and volunteer some extra time. Do more for our Club then just the minimum because your Club gives you more than the minimum.

Thanks for your help. See you at the Alafia!



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