Grounds Keeping Report for 12-02-17 Meeting

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I try to capture all the names of the people who come to help on workdays, if I have missed someone it is not intentional. Please let me know if you helped and I do not have you listed. Likewise, if I have you listed and did not attend, let me know that also.

Weekend 11-11-17: (14): Ben Bateman; Harry Bradley; Harry Bradley 4th; Denise Chaparro; Ron Clark; Kenny Crews; Casey Fletcher; Divina & Nicki Hovanec; Mike Kelly; Tony Long Eagle; Mike & Bev McIntyre; Dave Sipes.

Worked on reconstructing the section of the Stockade that was damaged by the hurricane, completed demo and reinstalled the cross members – Thanks Harry Bradley for heading this up; worked in memorial; and trimmed trees.

Week End 11-18-17 (23): Greg & Kim Beisler; Nancy Bergman; Harry Bradley; Harry Bradley 4th; Ron Clark; Jack Conrad; Mike & Michelle Dunn Jr.; Leo Golerabiewski; Earl Grabowski; Jim Hull; Mike Kelly; Mark Landon; Glen McLean; Steve Mann; Mike Nolan; Butch & Kathy Snyder; Kevin & Amanda Wolf; Renee Worley & Everette LaClaire.

Cleaned up the Reindeer Barn, inside and out, for the Ladies Tea; Installed the Lightning Protection on the Primitive range cover; Finished preparation of the Firebreaks for this year’s Cogan grass burn; Cut stakes for rendezvous road layout; ran saw mill cutting boards for stockade; Mowed pine tree area in modern camping; Started the rebuild of the scoring board at the range house. installed door closures at the Range hooter structure; Lunch provided – Thank You Amada Wolf for heading lunch up. 

Weekend 11-25-17 (41): Chris Arrowood; Al Bartlett; Chris & Tammera Beisler; Christopher Beisler, Greg & Kim Beisler; Bill Bordner; Denise Chaparro; Ron & Cherri Clark; Jack Conrad; Terry & Sherri Cox; Jolynn Crout/Deuel; Dick Edwards; Harry Eldred; Casey Fletcher; Greg & Glenda Fulbright; Frank & Liz Fulghum; Ben Harrell; Mike & Stephanie Hildreth; Jim & Susie Hull; Jack & Shari Keener; Jean Shipplie/Kight & Larry Clark; Mark Landon; Mike & Bev McIntyre; BJ Neeson; Dave Philbnick & Marie Ferri; Richard & Helen Stanton; Tony Tripplet; James Wetherington.

Besides zero turn mowing, weed-eating and range ready for shoot: Worked in in Memorial Garden and moved “Woody” from shed to garden; Install lightning protection and got range ready for shoot.; Finished door closures on walk through doors at range hooter station; Finished putting up boards on stockade hurricane damage; worked on tying up the berm cedars – about 75% complete; worked on rebuilding the ramp at shooting house; Demoed and cleaned up the roof for the rebuild of the Day Visitor Gate; Worked Firebreaks, Batwing-mowed. Setup tent & tables at the Reindeer Barn for the Ladies Tea. Mo-Ho Pork sandwiches, coleslaw, salad cookies & brownies for lunch.

During the Month (At Least 15): Marth Bair; Greg Beisler; Rick, Hellen, Alex Caravona, Ron Clark; Steve Creamer; Glen McLean; Monty Davies; Jim Hull, Tom & Cathy Davide; Ron & Carolyn Wilson.

Special Thanks: Greg Beisler for the donation of the Air compressor and 1” impact so we will be able to change the blades on the 15’ batwing.

Equipment Maintenance: Fixed the Gravely mower (bottom seal and clutch); New alternator of the Ford 7740 Farm Tractor. Future: Ignition wiring on Ford 7740 farm tractor. Check breaks on 580 backhoe; Tighten/maintenance hydraulics’ on the 7740 farm tractor, Need to change the fuel filters in the Case 580 backhoe.

Property Burn: The Cogan grass burn will be this coming week, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, depending on weather and wind direction. We do this at the request of the Fire Marshall to decrease the amount of available fuel just in case of a ground fire during rendezvous.

Rendezvous Grounds Preparation: Final Mowing and Road Layout is being completed this week end and weed eating around the street signs in preparation of the road lay out which the McLean’s will be heading up next Saturday the 9th, after which you can mark off you camps. The hooter stations need to be cleaned out, pull weeds, weed eat, etc.;

Hurricane Damage: We are making good headway on hurricane cleanup. Archery Range Done; Stockade wall done – still need to replace the electrical; started on tying up the Berm Cedars about 75% done; cleaned up in the Modern Pine Tree area; Archery has been cleaned up; started the rebuild of the Day Visitor Gate roof; stared the rebuild of the scoring board; fixed damaged board fences; announcement board done, Location Station repaired.

But we still have a way to go: There is considerable mess and trees down in the Woods Walk Range; There are 2 large oak trees done on the east fence/fire break; We need to check on the south fence line; A section of the Wood Pile Hooter/Dumpster wall came down. Probably more not mentioned. Just a lot to do!

Special Projects: We will be concentrating on the rebuild of the roof at the Day Visitor Gate, the replacement of the shooting frames on all the gun ranges, and the roof of the Range Hooter Station all before the Rendezvous. As time allows we would also like to do further work on the Stockade Fence: Saw Boards; Erect Poles and 2x6’s. Completion of trimming the dead limbs out of the newer oak trees. After the Rendezvous we will start the replacement of roof battens on the 100-yard range roof.

General: We do have a white board at the equipment shed in the back maintaining a list of items that can be worked on at any time, if you have any questions give Chris Beisler a call – Number is on the white board – 813-967-0150 – If you see something that needs to be done, please let me know, email or a note written down would be best.

Next Regularly Scheduled Work Weekend: We are now in Rendezvous Prep Mode – As tradition: There will be a work weekend every weekend until rendezvous. Especially with the added Hurricane Damage added work! Watch for email notices. 


Chris Beisler

2nd VP & Property Manager

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