As I saw it

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As I saw it.

Cherri and I came to the property Friday afternoon where I saw other Florida Frontiersmen already setting up. Glynda Fulbright had made arrangements with Mathis’ Apiary, a professional beekeeping company owned by Justin Mathis, to come and evaluate the honeybees that have been living in the Camphor tree close to the woodpile stockade for many years. These are the honeybees that stung Ed Crew when he was mowing around the tree. I saw Justin and four Florida Frontiersmen standing in front of the hive entrance. The honeybees flew back-and-forth and had to go around the spectators to do their work of supplying the hive. Justin knelt down in front of the tree’s opening in the trunk where the hive is located then climbed up on the tree and found another entrance that he was sure was there. Justin said that he would send me his evaluation and recommendations.

Saturday morning the shooting began on the range at 8 am sharp, or pretty close. When got to the Range House I saw the fine new steps the Harry Bradley and Mark Landon had built during the last workday. On the registration sheet I saw where 33 competitors registered: 28 rifle, 8 Trade Gun, 11 Pistoleros, and 14-Buck shooters. Seven Hawk & Knife throwers also registered. I saw “Hatchet” Jack Keener with the archers at the Pavilion doing “a deer hunt from a stand” competition that looked fun. B.J. Neeson showed me a new target he introduced for the Hawk & Knife competition, and it wasn’t a deer. It looks like a challenging, fun target. Come to the November meet and see if you can maximize the points without getting rattled.

The October Yard Sale got off to a good start. I found a few bargains (books) at Bert Aurich’s table. I saw some of Florida Frontiersmen Tex Miller’s (deceased) rendezvous accoutrements for sale by Rick and Helen Caravona. There were many beautiful knives. Larry Clark and Jean Shippee-Knight had some bargains. Sheepskins for $10!? Jim Hull showed me the two fine plumes he got. When I wondered over to the Range House I say Jim Farley’s table of fine goods for sale. He always has a well-rounded supply of merchandise. I then saw that over at the tree behind the Range House Melvin Watson had some goods on his tailgate. I also got to see some of Tony Vallenti’s boxes that Melvin had brought back from NC when he stopped by and visited Tony’s daughter. Not far from Melvin’s truck I saw some fine looking guns on a table set up by Mike Foley . Then I saw Marty Betts bringing a couple of guns over to set up a table, too.

I got to the seminar late, but I saw two forges burning, 4 or 5 anvils with different Florida Frontiersmen hammering on red-hot steel. Welcome to Blacksmithing 101 presented by Henry “Hank” Kuczwara. That was the first time I ever recall seeing a hands-on blacksmithing class taught on our property. Butch Snyder showed me the meat turner he forged. Well done, Hank!

The meeting didn’t drag on so I got to spend some social time after the meeting and see new Florida Frontiersmen baby Leo Watson attending his first Florida Frontiersmen meet. I also got to see his parents Allen and Amanda Watson. Not only did I see these three new member but also Charles Bowers, Kenny Crews , Darren & Brenda Embry, and Zachary Embry. There were even two new prospective members to see, Aaron Lainhart and Ryan Smith.

What can I say? Will Perkins’ 50th BD Bash was GREAT! If you were there you would have seen food enough for all of us and half of Bartow, and every last bite was delicious. It was good to see Will’s family and friends all helping and hosting Will’s birthday bash. When I went to the range Sunday morning do you know what I saw where Will’s huge party encampment had been located? Nothing…not even a scrap of paper. Thanks Will, family, and friends. See you at your 55th?

I can’t close without letting you know that I got to see mama doe and her twins, a spike buck, mama doe and fawn, and several other does plus the eight turkeys. There’s a lot to see at a Florida Frontiersmen’s meet. Come on out to the November meet and see what I see. – Ron

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