Notes from Ron – July 1, 2017

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Our Fourth of July Florida Frontiersmen, Inc. (FFI) meeting was hotter than a firecracker…literally! Despite the high temperature, threat of rain, and it being a holiday weekend, we had a great turnout. There were 2 juniors, 6 ladies rifle + 1 guest, 24 men’s rifle, 8 trade gun, and 9 pistol shooters. It was also good to see 8 archers having a fun shoot in the heat along with 11 hawk and knife competitors, too.

Early in the day I found Barb Boger, and Mike and Mary Nolen cleaning bat guano off the tables. Yes, the bats still prefer our Parthenon. Florida law states, “[Bat] Exclusions are illegal during the maternity season, from April 16 through August 14.” We will be ready to try a different approach to “exclude” our guest starting on August 15.

Bill Marney did an informative seminar about cleaning the muzzleloader. We know what a dirty job that can be. Thanks, Bill. Nate Kingery is looking for folks who are interested in sharing their pre-1840 skill, knowledge, or topics related to our hobby with the membership at our monthly educational seminars. Also, if you have a topic that you’d like to learn about, let Nate know and he will find someone.

Also, thanks to Calvin Thorton for installing the new board members, Chris Beisler, 2nd VP and Property Manager, and Shannon Degamon as Secretary, and me as President. Thanks, also, to Victoria for dragging her tired self to support Calvin after being at #CampKulaqua for #summercamp2017 all week with all those #thosethorntonkidz and about a jillion other kids. Victoria, I hope all the home cooked dishes at the potluck made it worth coming to the meeting.

Tim had the big job of presenting the results and awards from the June’s yearend shoot along with the yearly gun raffle. The presentation ceremony went very smoothly thanks to the unsung heroes who manage the scoring tabulations, getting the awards together, and organizing it for the presentation…Mark Landon and Harry Bradley. And a thanks to all the volunteers who sweated as Range Officers to keep us safe, and the Scorers who poured over all the targets ensuring that every shot counts, and all shots are scored fairly. We need your help whether you shoot or not. Please volunteer your time at the range either as a Range Officer or Scorer. If you don’t know how, we’ll teach you.

Walking the 100 yd. range during the shoot I noticed the new numbering of the shooting stations that Danny Lowery  got approval, material, and the installation of all the numbers. This will reduce the many cross target shots and errors that we have had for year. Thanks, Danny.

Thanks, John Henderson for giving out the hawk and knife monthly and yearend awards along with three beautiful knives awarded by raffle to those who participated 10 months or more in the youth, women’s, and men’s class. Thanks John for the hard work and dedication to the hawk and knife competition, and for making it a first class and fun event.

Thanks, Jack Keener for putting on a fun 4th of July Archery shoot, and actually a nail bitter for some of the competitors. Thanks also for continuing the tradition of presenting the “Booshway’s Spirit Horn” to our 2018 Alafia River Rendezvous Booshways Ronnie and Diane Capp. Jack first engraved the Booshway Spirit Horn in 2010 when the Don and Barb Boger were the Booshways.

If you missed the potluck, you missed one of the best that I can recall in many years (and I’ve ate at a few). Mike Nolen and helpers cooked up some great burgers and hot dogs to pair with the most scrumptious home cooked dishes of every kind imaginable. My sincere thanks to Mary Nolen and her team for organizing our July potluck, and to all those wonderful FFI cooks who made it special by sharing. No one went away for want, and I know that many had more to share on Sunday.

The Fourth of July festivities included live music performed by the Bs (Tamera and Chris), Steve Z and Joy, Butch and Kathy Snyder, Cindy Fortner on violin, Jim Hull on Bodhrán, Scot Hofmeister , and a special sung by Darcie Neeson along with a bunch of us mouthing the words in the background. Thanks to Chris for providing the sound system, and the keg that was found floating before the sun went down.

I think the most fun was Kayla Perkins’ idea for the slip and slide. Thanks Jim, Chris, Will, BJ, and all the others who helped make her idea happen. Slip and slide fun started on Friday night and continued all day Saturday into Saturday night. It was a fun, wet time for both young and all.

It is with deep regret but heart felt thanks to: Deb Sands who has been maintaining our website and the headaches that goes with it. She has moved to Ocala and is pursuing her dream as a potter at a museum. She’s been busy designing and overseeing the construction of a large wood fired kiln so she will be stepping down as our web mistress. She has given me the requirements needed to perform this job, so we’ll be posting it shortly. We are looking for a FFI member who can meet the requirements; Joan and Dale Stevens are stepping down as our FFI Merchandise managers after many years of faithful service. Joan is helping me put together a description of this important job so we can post this position to any available FFI member who can and is willing to do the buying, inventorying, accounting, and selling of our FFI merchandise; and Mary Nolen (and Mike) is stepping down after our November potluck supper. We will be reviewing this position with Mary and Mike to see how we want to continue this great tradition. If anyone wants to help us or have some ideas for the potlucks, please let me know.

FFI Members Shannon and I will be communicating with you through our newsletter, Facebook page, and website to keep you informed about our FFI business and events throughout the months ahead, and as soon as we get it. This is a two-way communication. Shannon has all of our contact information posted in this newsletter, so you need to communicate with us, too.

Keep your powder dry!


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