May 27th Work Day

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We will be having our monthly work day this Saturday, May 27th.


We will be getting the Primitive range ready for the June 03, 2017 Primitive shoot; Mowing and weed eating; The wood carts need to be taken and stored in the equipment building; Need to put fertilizer around the drip line of the new trees; Need to move the table and benches out from under the Parthenon; Need to wipe the tables and benches off; need to spray Chlorine solution under the Parthenon.


We will also be working on putting the roofing felt and roofing metal down on the roof. Once this is done the County Building Inspector wants to inspect the metal roof nailing pattern prior to the installation of the roof battens.


We realize that it is Memorial Day Week end, come and help if you can, we always understand if you can’t or not able.




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