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Recent Articles #1

New Year’s Work Weekend

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Happy New Years! Hoping to see many of you at the property this weekend! There are many things still to get done before the event starts! Plans for this weekend includes laying out participants parking lot (posts and ropes), putting up registration, seminar and changing tents, paint and put benches out, move wood carts to […]


Recent Articles #2

New! The Alafia River Rendezvous Trader’s Row on Facebook

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Thanks to Ron Clark for setting up a group on Facebook for our Alafia Trader’s.  Need something?  Check here first and support our fellow campers. Click to go to Trader’s Row


Photos from EFFR St. Augustine’s Colonial Night Watch Now on Website

Photos from EFFR St. Augustine’s Colonial Night Watch Now on Website

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Please visit our photos under “Black Powder Shooting,” “EFFR Regiment,” “Visit our other EFFR Photo Galleries Here.”  We added both a link to a video produced by a local TV station as well as participant photos. Click Here


Jacksonville Magazine Promotes the New Colonial Night Watch

Jacksonville Magazine Promotes the New Colonial Night Watch

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This link will take you to a great article about where your East Florida Frontier Rangers were this weekend.


April 2018 Archery Report views: 36

APRIL 2018 ARCHERY REPORT We had 9 shooters including myself participate at the clout shoot. The shooters could shoot as many times as time allowed and the top two scorers were member Earl Grabowski and non member but good prospect, Joshua Duck. Earl and Josh shot the most rounds at the Clout. I probably did […]

Property Report March 2018 Meeting views: 264

2nd Vice President’s Report We had a work weekend on February 24th. There were 7 people there, including myself. The 6 other participants were Henry Kuzwara, Mark Landon, Charlie Chapman, Tamera Beisler, Ron Clark and Chris Arrowood. We Prepped Targets, Emptied Trash, Cleaned Up and Rebuilt Shooting Berms and a great time was had by […]

SEWING CLASS views: 212

FREE SEWING CLASS: On April 7th, during the club shoot, there will be a free sewing class by Rick Haven, Just Two Tailors. It has been decided that in this class, sewers will be making the Tailor’s Guide Partially-bone Stays. There will be instructions in the beginning on how to size any pattern to fit […]

March As I Saw It views: 138

March Meet As I Saw It Hmmm…where was everyone? March has proven to be a very busy month for Florida Frontiersmen. Busy as in busy elsewhere. Florida Frontiersmen have always had a full March schedule participating at a cornucopia of events. This was the first time in three years that we even had enough officers […]

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