Meet Our New Secretary!

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Margret Henderson was elected Florida Frontiersmen secretary this past spring. I asked her a few questions so that we could all get to know her better.

 Teena: When did you become interested in history?

Margret: I’ve always been interested in history and how people lived long ago.  I spent 6 weeks digging at an archeological site in central Illinois when  I was 16 and took a lot of anthropology classes in college, my major was in Finance though.  Another factor were the American bicentennial celebrations of 1976 which were talked about all over the country and planned for several years prior to the 200th date.  Colonial furnishings were very popular during this time as well so I knew a lot of the history as a child. 

Teena: How long have you been Florida Frontiersmen club members?

Margret: We became Frontiersmen about 10 years ago and we were happy to find people who shared our interests- shooting, history and camping. 

Teena: What is your vision for the future of the Florida Frontiersmen?

Margret:   My vision for the club is to find ways to make it attractive and relevant today to a public that is used to a faster pace of life, to attract younger families as members so that the club will continue into the future and to ensure the financial health of the club so that the property is protected.  Along with my hope to safeguard the future of the club, I want the current members to enjoy the property and each other’s company,  to see that we are making improvements beneficial to all and to help us use new technology to get the word out that we are here!

Teena: What is your favorite thing about our Alafia Rendezvous?

Margret: My favorite thing about rendezvous is walking through camp during the evening and visiting with friends.  The atmosphere is so different at night and gives you a sense of what it was like for the mountain men and pioneers out in the wilderness.  John and I are also very involved in the Seminole War reenactments that are held throughout the state during the year.  The first two wars overlap our time period as the 2nd Seminole War ended in 1842.  I often wear Seminole dress in camp when we have a warm year-it’s much cooler!



Thank you Margret for your vision, insight, service and your dedication to our club!

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