2015 Alafia River Rendezvous

Photos and Information From 2015

Sharing a Bite of History – Sherri Cox Booshway.

Download the 2015 Gatebook Here

Download the Match Scores Here

Download the Target Scores Here

Download the Alafia ShootOff Scores Here


Do you have participant photos to share with us?  Click HERE to get the instructions on how to send them to us.  As we get them, they will be added to our 2015 archives.

2015AlafiaBobSamson-14-Medium 2015AlafiaBobSamson-13-Medium 2015AlafiaBobSamson-12-Medium 2015AlafiaBobSamson-11-Medium 2015AlafiaBobSamson-10-Medium 2015AlafiaBobSamson-9-Medium 2015AlafiaBobSamson-7-Medium 2015AlafiaBobSamson-6-Medium 2015AlafiaBobSamson-5-Medium 2015AlafiaBobSamson-4-Medium 2015AlafiaBobSamson-3-Medium 2015AlafiaBobSamson-2-Medium 2015AlafiaBobSamson-1-Medium
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