December is “Ladies Tea”

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The 15th (or there about) annual Ladies Holiday Tea is Saturday December 13th at 11:00. The location will the school house tent at the Parthenon, we will have plenty of room so please come and enjoy food, drinks and friendship. You will need to bring a tea cup and saucer(if you have one), favorite homemade finger food to share and warm clothes if it is cold out (we don’t dress primitive for this tea). Cheri and Weesy will have a craft for us to do, so come and enjoy!!!! I do need to ask for a few Christmas tablecloths if you have one let me know!!! If you can, let us know that you are coming, we hope to see you all there!!!


Please let your wives know about the Ladies Tea if they don’t get emails from me, would love to have them join us.

And while the tea is in progress 11-2 please allow us to have the Parthenon and the surrounding area men free, for that day please hang out at the shooting shack!!!! Thanks!!!!

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  1. Teena Thomas Teena Thomas says:

    The Ladies Tea is in the Alafia School tent from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm, The ladies are asked to bring their own tea cup and a finger food to share,

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