2007 Alafia River Rendezvous

Photos and Information

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2007 Alafia Fun Caption Game

So what captions would you put on these pictures?

2007 Alafia Photos from Bob Samson

This was the year for baking bread.  Lots of good times with my grandsons Richie and Jake.

2007 Alafia Pow Wow Photos

Nothing like this experience.  You need to be there!

2007 Alafia River Wedding

Rose Ann Maziarka & Robert Warden invited the Entire Alafia Rendezvous Camp to Witness and Share their Joy as they are United in Holy Matrimony On Sunday January 21st 2007 10 am Under the Ma & Pa Trees with Music by Joey Hall

2007 Alafia Youngins'

If these pictures don't melt your heart then check your pulse!


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