2006 Alafia River Rendezvous

Photos and Information

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2006 Alafia Camp Life

From the most basic to more complicated arrangements participants at the Alafia live in different levels of comfort. That is one of the pleasures of the Alafia, each individual is allowed to choose his own level of personal comfort.....in the confines of the pre-1840 time frame. So you have individuals who choose to rough it and you have families that are content with certain comforts of home. This page will celebrate all the diversities that make up the Alafia.

2006 Alafia Camp with a View

Nice photos of what you see when you wake up and walk around.

2006 Alafia Charmer

A Real Charmer! A snake charmer that is! Don't try this at home unless you are using one of the Alafia wooden snakes.

2006 Alafia Hats

Just a sampling of the head wear found at Alafia.

2006 Alafia Highland Lads

Even the most refined Ladies appreciate a well turned leg now and again. The Ladies at the Alafia are of the most discriminating sort. As you will soon see the Ladies of the Alafia L-O-V-E watching the Highland Games hosted each year by the Clann Wolf.

2006 Alafia Personas - Getting It Right

Persona development and period correct clothing make these participants stand out in the crowd. They help add the correct tone to the camp and help educate others. While nobody is perfect, if we don't strive for it we won't even get halfway there.

2006 Alafia Photos of Ken Catello

Club member Ken Catello took these wonderful black and white photos. 

2006 Alafia Weaving of Triangle Shawls

Carol Leigh's Specialties offers classes on Triangle Shawl Weaving each year at the Alafia. You can experience the thrill and pride of creating my own woven shawl. Here are just a few who have!





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