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As I approached our property Friday morn I couldn’t tell who was more excited Bucky or me? I’d like to say it was me knowing about the weekend’s doings that we had been planning, but Bucky was prancing his front feet, whimpering and quivering from excitement. I wasn’t quite that excited.

Here and there were camps already set-up. Cherri had beaten me there as she, Sharon, Bev., Susie Hull, Weesie Mayo, Glynda, and Madeleinewere working to finish setting up the Reindeer Barn for the Ladies’ Tea, with some muscle provided by Jim, Mike, and Bill. After going back to camp, I saw Hatchet. He told me that he had the “secret” with him, and it was under wraps. Friday was an early evening for me as I crashed out early to the disbelief of some.

Saturday morn I was up early reviewing the meeting’s agenda to make sure I hadn’t missed anything before I sent it off to Shannon. After breakfast I anxiously drove up to the range house to see if there was anything I could help with. Mark once again reminded me that everything had been taken care of. He and Bill had been working for a month to make sure we had all the targets and the scorecards that replicated our first primitive shoot in 1980 were complete. Mark had even taken an idea he saw for the split the ball axe target and made four of them!

As I drove past the reindeer barn I saw many ladies scrambling here and there doing the finishing touches to get the tea ready for the 11:00am opening. I went back to camp where I saw Santa’s helpers and checked on the jolly man’s schedule. Everything was a go. I talked to Don to see if his libations seminar was still on plan. He and Mike said that it too was a go. Nothing could go wrong. Everything was set and in motion.

Now was the time for the old man to get ready to participate! This was going to be my first time to shoot in years. I felt a little like Bucky when we came onto the property Friday. This was a very special day and I wanted to be a part of it. Michelle had contacted me earlier in the week wanting to know if someone could teach her son to shoot a muzzleloader. I knew we have been preparing to start our Youth Program so I told her, “Sure.” I got back to our little house and got my Indian Trader’s persona clothing on. I looked for my new tri-corn hat that I had brushed a year’s dust off of (remember to put a hat cover on the next time). I couldn’t find it. No time to fret. I put on my Verna Hershberger straw hat and drove to the range house to sign in! Mike was there to meet me with a fine looking young lad. His name was Owen.

Since we didn’t have a muzzleloader that would fit Owen, and he had never shot a muzzleloader, I asked him if he would mind shadowing me as I shot at the primitive range. I figure that by watching me, he’d at least learn what not to do. Owen was a great student. He can recite to you “Powder, patch, ball. If not in that order, ye are a bonehead.” He did the scoring for me. He found it easy enough. 0…0…0. “Hey, Owen, I pulled the nail didn’t I?”

Since I missed the egg for 5 points, I got the opportunity to get 3 points by sucking the egg. Owen got to see what some desperate folks would do to get a competitive edge.

Though we didn’t have enough Club officers to have a quorum for our monthly meeting, we had enough members to carry on followed by the primitive covered range dedication ceremony complete with the ribbon cutting. After Dave cut the ribbon, Hatchet brought forward the covered plaque to hang. We had Dave hold it as we took off its cover that had been hiding its name. Dave held it up for everyone to see what it said without looking at it himself. Written on the plaque was the “Dave Sipes Primitive Range.” As he held up the plaque, the membership started telling Dave to look at it. When he did…will if you weren’t there to see what I saw, then you missed something very priceless.

The festivities weren’t over yet. Up on the hill above the range came a “HO-HO-HO,” and the man in the red suit Santa himself. Santa came down to the Dave Sipes Primitive Range giving presents to the little ones, and getting Christmas requests from both young and old.

The day wasn’t over. Don with Mike Nolen and Barb presented a wonderful libations seminar with some very sumptuous concoctions varying from Creek Water that delighted ones taste buds to an aged in oak barrels, 100% corn mash that should be sipped and not gulped.

It was a great weekend. Thanks to everyone who came out to make it such a fun time. If you didn’t make it, come out to the January meet and see what Owen and I see.

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