As I saw it. The Florida Frontiersmen November Meet.

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No mistake about it. There was defiantly a relief from the summer heat, so fall has finally arrived, though there was no relief from the mosquitos. They came out in swarms with the setting sun. I saw lots of spraying going on in effort to keep the bloodsuckers at bay.

Saturday morning saw many vehicles parked at the Safety Fence and around the Range House with shooters unloading their flintlocks and percussion rifles, pistols, and smoothbores, grabbing spotting scopes and shooting boxes heading to the range. There were folks milling around on the Range House porch exchanging pleasant greetings, and registering for the weekend competitions. All the usual suspects were present and accounted for including those who must have been waiting for cooler weather plus some new faces, too. Forty-six competitors registered; 32 rifle, 5 pistol, and 1 Jr. shooter. Kayla Perkins took the buck shoot. You should have seen that target she shot. It was near a perfect shot on the turkey target. Kayla also shot the 1 of 1000 Club Postal shoot target for the Club. Great shot, but we won’t know where the sweet spot on the target is until all the Clubs’ target are turned in to the NMLRA. Good luck, Kayla.

I saw some hawk & knife throwers over at the hawk blocks, and some bowyers shooting by the pavilion. BJ Nesson reported that they had more hawk & knife throwers then there were bow shooters. Kind of sounds like a challenge to me. What do you think?

It was good seeing so many members, friends, and guests come to the meeting, and stay for our Thanksgiving Pot Luck. Each board member furnished a turkey or ham. I saw a very long line. Next time you we have the meat served we’ll set up a separate meat table and see if that gets all those hungry members through the line quicker. Thank you all for your patience.

Driving around I saw camps set up here and there, some in groups, some by them. There was a lone teepee in Indian Town. Stopped by and saw Geoff and Maria La Fond. Geoff said that his teepee was from Nomadic, and before buying one of theirs; I recommend that you see Geoff.

Geoff's Teepee

Geoff’s Teepee


Did you see the moon rising Saturday night!? Jim Hull and I were visiting with Frank and Liz Fulghum. I looked over at the eastern horizon and saw what I first thought was a fire on the tree line. It was the moon! It came up big and looked fire orange. Some native nations called it the Beaver Moon. Hmmm…don’t know about that, but it was sure a pretty sight to see.

Original Primitive Shoot Card

Original Primitive Shoot Card

Come and join us at the December meet. It is our annual blanket shoot, the Florida Frontiersmen Annual Memorial Shoot (Memorial Shoot). We will be shooting on the Primitive Range for the first time since the new range cover was built. I have even found the first shooting program from March 9, 1980. Bring a blanket prize worth a least $20. Handmade items are always a great prize. I’ll see you there!


1st Peterson Shoot 1980

Blanket Prize Pick at the First FFI Primitive Shoot March 9, 1980

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