September Meet as I Saw It.

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Jim Sawgrass Sep 2017 Seminar

As I saw it.

Cherri and I came onto the property Friday afternoon. It was nice seeing our drive down the road onto the property so neat and manicured. Monty has been doing a nice job for a long time keeping our view neat.

Early Saturday morn when standing at just the right spot on the Range House porch helping set up for our first NMLRA membership drive I could feel a slight change in the weather. Could fall be on the way? Whatever that feel was it didn’t take long to melt away with the all too familiar stifling, tropical heat and humidity of our wonderful Florida tropical climate.

We had a nice gathering of early morn shooters considering the heat and being Labor Day weekend. There were 35 shooters registered.

The archer came out for a special match. I wanted to get to the woods to see it, but kept busy elsewhere. If I had made it I would have seen 10 participants competing in an archery card game with the winners splitting the pot with the Club. Hatchet will be writing about it.

I didn’t get a chance to see what was happening over at the hawk blocks either, but BJ estimates that there were about 10 throwers.

We had two very special guests with us on Saturday Don, Richards NMLRA Field Rep Coordinator, Region 3 (Southeastern), came all the from Melbourne on Friday night and stayed in Bartow so that he could be at our range early Saturday morning to help us kick off our first NMLRA membership drive (Mark Landon will have more on that later), and Jim and Jane (Sunshine) Sawgrass who presented a very special seminar.

Jim does such a fine job of bringing Florida history to life from its earliest times to the present using many museum quality props, tons of reference material, and a gift for story telling. Hats off to Nate, Diane, and Ronnie. I can’t wait to see our first ever Alafia presentation of Florida History. As Diane says, “It’s going to be AWSOME!!!!”

The Club’s general meeting started almost on time with a wonderful blessing given by new member James Wetherington. I was so pleased to hear Chris announce that we have selected a company that can humanely and professional exclude our bat population with a guarantee. We need to quickly move forward and mount the additional bat houses that Marty Burgess and Ron Judd have built so the excluded bats can have new homes to move into.

Knowing that the Gators were playing, the always threat of afternoon rain, or the sooner we got the meeting over the sooner our social hour(s) could begin, our September general membership meeting ended in under a hour. If you haven’t been to a Club meet in a while, come and join the fun at our October meet and see what I see.


Twin Fawn Sep 2017 Meet

Twin Fawn Sep 2017 Meet

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