What was your favorite moment of the 2015 Alafia?

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So what was your favorite moment of this past rendezvous???  Post here!!2015AlafiaMelvinWatson (13)

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  1. sdegamon@hotmail.com says:

    I will never forget how the entire camp worked together to assist EMS by lighting up the roads to guide their vehicles. My heart soared that night, and I remember the beauty, love and kindness we all showed for one another. We are truly blessed.

  2. MacMcRill MacMcRill says:

    I worked the gate one cold night and about 3am the fog began to roll in over the field north of the encampment and over the next hour it rolled over the entire camp. Between the moon, lanterns still lighting the paths and the fog the view was magical. I was moved by the peace and tranquility of the night and sharing the night with so many friends and acquaintances, albeit most were asleep and missing the spectacle. I hold dear that night and look forward to the next encampment. See you soon my Friends!! Until then, be well, be safe and enjoy the life we have all been given by the Creator!

  3. Teena Thomas Teena Thomas says:

    It was so awesome to use the new earthen oven! We made chicken pot pies that were very good!

  4. br451@aol.com br451@aol.com says:

    We went to the opening ceremony, As I watched Jim Hull light the fire , It went so fast, I know he had a ZIPPO. It was a thing of beauty watching him work. I never saw the ZIPPO But what can I say. The Indians in camp was wonderful to us , Becky & Myself felt great pride in what thay were doing. They were so good at it.
    Becky was very impressed with all the great care taken in the costuming for the Rendezvous. She is ready to crank up the sewing and prepare for the next rendezvous.

  5. Bob Samson Bob Samson says:

    Sunday morning I get up early for the memorial service. While it is still dark, I make my way to the garden and watch my first Alafia sunrise. As I look out at the Metis’ village, watching the sun go up, my mind goes pre-1840. And that is my favorite moment of every rendezvous.

  6. Susie Hull Susie Hull says:

    My favorite moment is when all the vehicles start moving into the encampment on Wednesday morning!!! It is a beautiful thing!

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