Florida Frontiersmen Early History

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Florida Frontiersmen Early History

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  1. br451@aol.com br451@aol.com says:

    I considered it a privilege when I was ask to join the “Florida Frontiersmen”. I could see how much work had gone in to making it what it is today. So, when I joined, I had a gun range complex second to none to use and enjoy. Alaphia is to me a place to camp, ,,Have A picnic, enjoy the turkeys and deer.. At 70 years of age I get to play dress up at the Rendezvous.. I do not take any of this for granted. So now you can understand why I did not miss a work weekend last year. I can never catch up with the people that came before me , but I can see to it that they are never unhappy that I was asked to join .
    Ben Harrell

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